If people come into open world systems where literally anyone can join with the expectation they can reshape the entire thing into what they and their political faction want, they will be sorely disappointed.

If you want that sort of thing, I don't think federated systems are for you.

why don't folks who are unhappy with a project fork it and run it better if they can?

Any Guitar players out there that know of a good non Jazz backing track in the key of A?

Wish there was a decentralized tool with low enough latency to play with other musicians remotely...

Its pretty sad when I can't convince my son to want to beat on his drums while I make noise with my guitar... grrr...

I need one more follower to get to 20... I think I can do it before the end of the week...

Life is good, its 10:30 am, I'm still in my pajama's...drinking diet coke in a glass with ice... and eating butter toffee peanuts... oh and getting paid as well :)

The term "Procrastinator" triggers me.

I prefer the term "JIT Person", thank you.

drybrushing washed some detail away :C

Anyone have an opensource photo repository they would recommend for storing my photos locally?

Just read an article about 15 best git clients. Why do they all have gui's? No command line tools...

3pm, totally motivated to eat healthy and exercise, but stuck in office. 9pm, at home...kids in bed..too damn tired to think about eating healthy and exercising....such a cruel world.

mastodon: your post has eight boosts

I just got an email from Have I Been Pwned (#HIBP) saying that one of my email addresses was part of a recently revealed data breach.

"The unique email addresses totalled 772,904,991."
"There are 21,222,975 unique passwords."


The article doesn't give many details about the breach itself, just how to use their products to protect yourself. I dislike that but this is still important to share in case someone is seriously affected by this breach.

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Why do people put TL;DR at THE END of the articles?? assholedesign

I miss IUMA... I remember when it was the only way to get good music online.

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Wanted my own personal place to start hacking on the code.